Monday, August 6, 2018

Commitment in this Netflix Generation

My mother who recently discovered Facebook has been sending me quite a steady stream of videos.  Videos related to cooking but mainly videos of graduation speeches.   It's no surprise that this past June, I found my inbox with an abundance of the inspiring speeches.  I still find myself catching up on watching them.

One commencement video that stood out to me was about a man who addressed a group of soon to be college graduates and spoke to the importance of "being doers" in a society that will overfill their cup with options.   He continued to use the analogy of the "Netflix Generation."

This generation he remarked is constantly bombarded with so many options in front of them, that scrolling through them, it renders them incapable of selecting a movie after having spent thirty or more unfulfilled minutes surveying their options.  "Might as well go to bed," was the bold statement he made.   

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His message is clear.  What his hope for this generation is that "we" (collectively) do not fear to make a commitment.  Not only to commit to our family, relatives or spouses but to each other (as humans, as colleagues, as friends).

Somehow, this generation unintentionally limited itself by having too much in front of them.  The danger of this lies in finding ourselves more disengaged and numb to seeking out unforgettable experiences.  Scroll, scroll and scroll some more.

The remedy he proposed was simple:  Make a commitment, invest time and energy in where you find  passion, and don't be afraid to "push the button."  Learn by doing.  The world offers an abundance of opportunities.  Experiences, however, are rewarded only to those who are willing to take that leap.

My motto for this school year will follow his lead.  I will "learn by doing" and take the leap to experience new opportunities, even if it makes me uncomfortable; Actually, especially if it makes me uncomfortable. 

As for my goals this year, I resolve to stop doing for others what they can do for themselves.    This year, I hope to gain more valuable experiences in the company of others who are not afraid to commit.  I hope that in developing into a stronger Teacher Leader, that I gain more relationships and find a tribe of people equally committed to helping me grow.  

So, thanks, Mom! That video was great.

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